White and Gold Mothers Day

White and Gold Mothers Day Cake

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We estimate that each individual slice of our cake weighs approximately 200 to 250 grams.

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This product requires refrigeration (5-7 degrees Celsius) due to its sensitivity and moisture content to maintain optimal quality.

To preserve the intended design and quality, it is advised to refrigerate the cake promptly, as leaving it at room temperature for over 30 minutes may affect its appearance and taste.

For products picked up directly from our factory, Papillon Cake is not responsible for any damages incurred thereafter.


White and Gold Mothers Day Cake is an exquisite expression of gratitude; every detail has a deeper meaning. The soft pink sugar peonies perched atop symbolize motherhood's grace and nurturing love, while the marbling effect on the fondant whispers tales of her multifaceted role in our lives. Trails of edible gold leaf reflect the precious value of the countless sacrifices made, and the gentle dusting of shimmering pearls serves as a nod to her wisdom and elegance.

This cake is not just a dessert; it's a heartfelt homage to every mother's unwavering beauty and strength.

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Additional Description

Cherished Moments: Mothers Day Masterpiece

Elevate your Mother’s Day appreciation with a cake encapsulating love in every layer. This isn't just any cake; it's a Mothers Day Cake, a confectionary celebration of the woman who means the world to you. Our cake is crafted with the precision and care she deserves, featuring soft, sumptuous layers caressed by creamy, rich frosting that promises comfort and joy, just like her unwavering love.

Taste of Devotion: A Culinary Homage

Indulge her senses with a dessert that's as extraordinary as her love. Our Mothers Day Cake is a harmonious blend of traditional flavours and contemporary craftsmanship. Each ingredient is chosen with intention, from the locally-sourced fruits to the artisanal chocolate, to create a nostalgic and novel taste. It's a taste of devotion, made to honor her, on this day and beyond.

A Confection of Appreciation: Beyond Edible Art

Gift her a centrepiece that will be the talk of the celebration. More than just a treat, our Mothers Day Cake symbolises your affection, a sweet embodiment of gratitude. With its elegant design and breathtaking beauty, it's a tangible expression of your heartfelt thanks. Let this cake be the messenger of your love, conveying what words cannot fully express.

Mothers Day Cake

Savvy Selection: Why Choose Our Mothers Day Cake?

When you select our Mothers Day Cake, you choose more than just a dessert. You're investing in a culinary art that is a testament to the bond you share with your mother. Here are some tips and value propositions that make our cake the premier choice:

  • Personalization at Its Finest: We offer customizable options to add a personal touch that resonates with your mother’s personality and preferences.
  • Health Meets Indulgence: Crafted with the option of organic and gluten-free ingredients, our cakes cater to health-conscious desires without compromising on flavor.
  • Memorable Unboxing Experience: Each cake comes in luxurious, eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that from the moment of unboxing, the experience is as premium as the taste.
  • Support Local: By ordering from us, you also support local artisans and farmers, intertwining your celebration with community upliftment.
  • Dessert Now, Keepsake Forever: Our cakes aren't just for eating. The decorative elements are designed to be kept as keepsakes, cherishing the sweet memories forever.

Order now and let our Mothers Day Cake be the highlight of your celebration, a choice that delivers on taste, health, and heart.


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