Mom Flower Cake

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We estimate that each individual slice of our cake weighs approximately 200 to 250 grams.

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This product requires refrigeration (5-7 degrees Celsius) due to its sensitivity and moisture content to maintain optimal quality.

To preserve the intended design and quality, it is advised to refrigerate the cake promptly, as leaving it at room temperature for over 30 minutes may affect its appearance and taste.

For products picked up directly from our factory, Papillon Cake is not responsible for any damages incurred thereafter.


Celebrate your mother with the Mom Flower Cake, a luxurious and elegant dessert masterpiece from Papillon Cake Company in Dubai. This cake boasts a smooth pink fondant icing, adorned with exquisite gold leaf accents that add a touch of luxury. A cascade of delicate ruffles graces the base, reminiscent of soft fabric, lending a couture feel to the design. Topping off the cake is an assortment of handcrafted sugar flowers, including roses and hydrangeas, in beautiful hues of pink and white, symbolizing love and appreciation. A chic 'Mom' topper in a stylish script stands proudly, making this cake the perfect tribute to the remarkable woman in your life.

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Additional Description

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Papillon Cake, a renowned name among the best cakes in Dubai, presents the Mom Flower Cake, a masterpiece that celebrates the essence of motherhood. This cake is a treat for the taste buds and a visual delight, meticulously designed to express gratitude and love.

Elegant Design

The Mom Flower Cake stands out with its elegant soft pink fondant, a color that symbolizes affection and harmony, resonating with the warmth of a mother's love. The top tier is gracefully adorned with gold leaf accents, hand-applied to create an exquisite pattern that catches the light and the eye. This golden touch represents the precious value of a mother's unwavering support and guidance.

Sophisticated Flourishes

Encircling the base of the cake is a luxurious ruffle skirt crafted with precision to mimic delicate fabric folds. This feature adds a sophisticated flair and represents the layers of care and dedication a mother provides. Each ruffle is edged with gold, complementing the Mom Flower Cake overall theme and adding a regal finish.

Floral Tribute

Crowning the cake, a collection of sugar flowers in full bloom pays homage to the beauty and resilience of mothers. These handcrafted blossoms, from roses to peonies, are a testament to Papillon Cake's attention to detail and artistry. Each petal is shaped and painted by hand, resulting in a lifelike and lasting bouquet.

Celebrating Mom

The Mom Flower Cake is more than a dessert; it's a symbol of appreciation, making it the perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, or any day you want to celebrate the mom in your life. With this cake, you bring not just flavors to the table but a story of love, crafted with care by one of Dubai's finest.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you want to make a grand gesture or add a touch of elegance to a family gathering, this cake promises to be the highlight. Its thoughtful design and impeccable taste embody the spirit of celebration and will leave a lasting impression on your beloved mom and esteemed guests.


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