Our Story

About Us

Founded in 2013 on strong belief and persistence, Papillon Cake epitomizes high German standards, crafting unique products. Passionate chefs joined forces, growing the Papillon family to 16 professionals within two years, overcoming challenges and earning the title of the Best Cake Delivery in Dubai and UAE.

In 2013, a new era dawned with the opening of Papillon Cake’s first specialized factory. Evolving from a small home-like business, it transformed into a school-like establishment adhering to Emirates food safety standards, nurturing ambitious talents into highly skilled bakers and cake designers.

With pride, Papillon Cake has cultivated a solid career for over 40 experienced staff, operating from a 5,000 sq. ft factory equipped with high-standard kitchen/cake equipment. The team strives daily to deliver happiness through state-of-the-art cake designs, upholding the highest standards in execution, decoration, and quality ingredients.

Every cake crafted by Papillon Cake is considered a piece of art worth sharing with the ones we love!

Share the love, share the art, and share Papillon Cake with the world!



Our mission is enthusiastically re-invent the way the customers enjoy the collaborative expression of the unique, delicious, homemade recipe, and “outside the box” thinking in bakery designs allowing us to exceed the customers’ expectations.





Share lovely moments with our customers and collaborate with them in creating custom, fashionable, unique, and all unique designed cakes for different occasions with guaranteed satisfaction.

Provide the top-quality taste to each individual piece of art as the customer envisioned.

Guarantee the same customers’ vision and exceed the customers’ expectations. Build a business by engaging in the customer experience, innovation, and customer focus, delivery of results, trusting, inspiring, and successfully reaching expectations.