Pink Lollipop Donuts

Pink Lollipop Donuts Cake

650.00 AED750.00 AED

We estimate that each individual slice of our cake weighs approximately 200 to 250 grams.

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This product requires refrigeration (5-7 degrees Celsius) due to its sensitivity and moisture content to maintain optimal quality.

To preserve the intended design and quality, it is advised to refrigerate the cake promptly, as leaving it at room temperature for over 30 minutes may affect its appearance and taste.

For products picked up directly from our factory, Papillon Cake is not responsible for any damages incurred thereafter.


The Pink Lollipop Donuts Cake is a butter cream cake that is perfect for any occasion. This single-layer cake is covered in smooth pink buttercream and decorated with white chocolate drips that create a striped pattern around the top edge of the cake. The entire arrangement sits on a round, white plate or stand.This cake is perfect for anyone who loves sweets and wants to add a touch of fun to their celebration. The Pink Lollipop Donuts Cake is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike!

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