Green Graduation

Green Graduation Cake

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We estimate that each individual slice of our cake weighs approximately 200 to 250 grams.

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This product requires refrigeration (5-7 degrees Celsius) due to its sensitivity and moisture content to maintain optimal quality.

To preserve the intended design and quality, it is advised to refrigerate the cake promptly, as leaving it at room temperature for over 30 minutes may affect its appearance and taste.

For products picked up directly from our factory, Papillon Cake is not responsible for any damages incurred thereafter.


Step up to the stage of your future with our Green graduation cake, where flavors and dreams collide in a spectacle of sweetness! Crafted with the zest of accomplishment, this cake features lush green and white hues that embody the fresh beginnings of a graduate's journey. Adorned with a cap-tossing silhouette atop, it's garnished with playful macarons and juicy blackberries, promising a taste of the adventures to come.
This cake a centerpiece that celebrates your academic achievements and the road ahead. It's one of the best graduation cakes for girls who are ready to take on the world with grace and a sprinkle of fun. So, why settle for less when you can have a cake that's as vibrant as your dreams?
Ready to turn the tassel and taste the future? Order our green graduation cake now and make your graduation a deliciously memorable milestone!

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Additional Description

Congrats, grad! You’ve turned the tassel, and tossed your cap, and now it’s time to slice into celebration with the Green Graduation cake, only from the best online cake shop in Dubai! This vibrant cake, layered in lush green and pristine white, is not just a treat—it’s a tribute to every late-night study session and every exam you aced.

Best Graduation Cake Dubai:

Watch as the top, featuring a proud graduate silhouette, catches every eye. Below, the playful arrangement of macarons and juicy blackberries adds a burst of flavor that makes every bite an adventure. This isn't just a cake; it's a work of art designed for the bold, the brave, and the beautiful. Dubbed one of the best graduation cakes for girls, it promises to be the highlight of your celebration, turning any party into the event of the year.

Graduation Cake Flavor & Customization:

Choose from a variety of delicious flavors to personalize your celebration. Whether you're a fan of classic vanilla, rich chocolate, or something more exotic like pistachio or red velvet, our "Green Dreams" cake comes in your favorite flavors to make your graduation even sweeter. Each cake can also be customized to match the graduate's style or party theme, ensuring your cake is as unique as your accomplishment.

Online Order & Delivery

No need to leave your celebration preparations to fetch your cake. Our reliable delivery service brings our Green Graduation Cake right to your doorstep, anywhere in Dubai. We ensure that each cake arrives on time and in perfect condition, ready to be the centerpiece of your graduation party.

Ready to step into your future with a slice of style? Order the Green Graduation cake today and make your graduation celebration as legendary as your academic achievements!