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Marking Milestones: Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Cake

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Table of Contents

Looking for creative anniversary cake ideas to make your celebration unforgettable?

From traditional to modern designs, discover how to personalize cakes for each milestone.

Choosing the Perfect Cake for Each Anniversary Year

When selecting the perfect cake for each anniversary year, it’s essential to consider the milestone’s significance.

1st Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the paper anniversary. Some classic ideas for a 1st-anniversary cake include:

  • Make a sheet cake look like a piece of paper by frosting it white and adding handwritten notes, sketches, or printed designs. Write particular messages to each other or include inside jokes only the two of you understand.
  •  Decorate the cake to look like a wall clock or wristwatch. Add clock hands pointing to the time you got married. Write your wedding date in the centre.
  •  Stack square sheet cakes to create a book shape. Frost the edges white like pages. Add text with special memories from your first year of marriage.
  •  Cover a cake in edible paper made from wafer or rice paper. Write your name and wedding date.
  • Attach paper notes, printed photos, or ticket stubs from your first year around the base of the cake.
  • Add a paper topper like a card, a bouquet, or paper wedding bells.

The paper theme lets you get creative with edible printed designs, paper craft materials, or fondant accents.


5th Anniversary

The 5th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone to celebrate. Traditionally, the 5th-anniversary gift is wood, representing a sturdy and durable marriage after 5 years together.

1. Sculpt the cake into the shape of a wooden log or tree trunk. Cover it with chocolate icing textured to look like bark and wood grain. Add green fondant leaves on top for a rustic tree cake.

2. Another classic idea is to cut wood rounds from a tree branch and stack them into a tiered cake shape. Frost and decorate the wood slices to create a natural, earthy cake.

3. For a more modern take, make silver and chrome cakes inspired by the new 5th-anniversary gift of silverware. Frost the cake with glossy silver and shape it into stacked knives, forks, and spoons—or imprint silverware designs into the icing using textured fondant tools.

With a wood grain or silverware-inspired cake, you can create something memorable for this 5th-anniversary milestone. Contact us to bring your personalized design ideas to life!

Anniversary Cake

 10th Anniversary

The 10th wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with tin or aluminium. This represents durability, strength, and the ability to last through the years.

Some ideas include

  • A silver sheet cake with edible glitter or silver dragées
  •  A round cake with a silver ribbon border 
  •  Silver numbering like “10” on top 
  •  Diamonds made of sugar or edible sequins on the cake
  •  A heart shape with silver stripes
  •  Stack 10 silver cupcakes into a mini-tier cake

The modern 10th-anniversary gift is diamonds due to their brilliance, clarity, and enduring quality. To celebrate with diamonds, add:

  • Diamond-shaped cake layers 
  • A cluster of diamond fondant cutouts or sugar gems on top
  • Silvery diamond dusting powder over a white cake
  • Diamonds piped on the cake with white frosting

A 10th-anniversary cake design with silver and diamonds is a classic yet contemporary way to recognize this significant milestone with sweet elegance.

25th Anniversary

Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary in silver style! This significant milestone is known as the silver anniversary.

The traditional 25th-anniversary gift is silver, representing a quarter century of marriage. Mark the occasion by decorating your cake with shiny silver dragees, elegant silver columns, or metallic silver piping. A simple two-tier cake looks stunning when frosted in white and embellished with gleaming silver accents.

For a modern take, give a silver jewellery gift like a bracelet or necklace to complement the cake. Hide a personalized silver charm inside the cake for a fun surprise! Or top the cake with a large silver “25” topper surrounded by silver hearts.

Anniversary Cake

50th Anniversary

The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the “Golden Anniversary” and symbolizes a milestone in a couple’s enduring marriage. Both the traditional and modern gifts for the 50th anniversary incorporate gold elements.

Traditional Gift: Gold

The traditional gift for the 50th wedding anniversary is gold, representing five decades of marriage. Popular gold gifts include gold jewellery like necklaces, watches, rings, or earrings with the number 50 featured. Gold-dipped roses or a gold picture frame are also traditional options.

Modern Gift: Gold Jewelry

While the traditional gift is gold, the modern gift for the 50th anniversary is gold jewellery. This could be a gold bracelet, locket, cufflinks, or other personalized gold jewellery item. Engraving the jewellery with the couple’s names or wedding date makes for a thoughtful, modern 50th-anniversary gift.

Gold-Themed Cake Ideas

Bring golden touches to the 50th-anniversary cake with gold fondant, edible flakes, or drizzle. A sheet or multiple-tier cake with gold ribbon layers and gold-painted accents can complement the golden anniversary theme. Gold crumb topping on the cake adds nice texture and shine. For more elegance, add gold leaf detailing.

100th Anniversary

Celebrating a 100th wedding anniversary is an incredibly rare and unique milestone. Only a few lucky couples get to mark an entire century of marriage together. A 100th-anniversary cake calls for over-the-top decorations and a massive size with hundreds of layers to represent all the years together.

Of course, all those tiers and decorations add size and servings. A 100th-anniversary cake can feed anywhere from 100 to 300 guests or more! With such a momentous celebration, splurging on an over-the-top custom cake is worth it.

Anniversary Cake


Traditional Anniversary Cake Ideas

Traditional anniversary cake ideas often revolve around specific themes or materials associated with each milestone year.

For example, the fifth anniversary is traditionally represented by the material wood. Select a rustic wooden texture to incorporate this theme into the cake or include edible decorations made from chocolate or fondant.

Other traditional cake ideas include using the couple’s birthstones as inspiration for the cake design, incorporating conventional symbols of luck and prosperity, or even creating a cake in the shape of a significant object or place associated with the couple’s relationship.

By embracing traditional anniversary cake ideas, you can honour the history and significance of each milestone while indulging in a delicious and visually appealing dessert.

Anniversary Cake

Modern Anniversary Cake Ideas

Modern anniversary cake ideas offer a more contemporary and creative approach to celebrating each milestone. Couples can break away from traditional themes and explore unique designs, flavours, and presentation styles.

For example, consider a trendy naked cake adorned with fresh flowers instead of a traditional tiered cake or a modern geometric cake design.

Experiment with unconventional flavours like matcha, salted caramel, or lavender-infused cake.

Modern anniversary cake ideas include incorporating personalized elements such as monograms, photographs, or hand-painted designs representing the couple’s journey.

Anniversary Cake

Final Touches: Decorations and Presentation

The final touches of decorations and presentation can elevate an anniversary cake from ordinary to extraordinary. Consider the following ideas to make the cake visually stunning:

1. Use edible flowers or fresh fruits as decorative elements to add colour and freshness to the cake.

2. Incorporate metallic accents such as edible gold or silver leaf for an elegant and luxurious touch.

3. To create a visually striking cake, Experiment with different frosting techniques, such as ombré or ruffle designs.

4. Add a personalized cake topper, such as the couple’s initials or a meaningful symbol, to make the cake unique.

5. Present the cake on a beautiful cake stand or display it on a decorated dessert table to create a focal point for the celebration.

Remember, the decorations and presentation should complement the overall theme and style of the anniversary celebration.

By paying attention to these final touches, you can create a visually stunning cake that tastes delicious and becomes a centrepiece of the anniversary celebration.

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