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Glitter and Glam: Top Birthday Cake for Girls Ideas

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Table of Contents
Birthday Cake for Girls

It is time to start planning a birthday cake for girls that your special little girl will never forget! Finding the perfect birthday cake can be a fun and creative way to kick off your girl’s celebration.

Whether your girl loves unicorns, mermaids, and animals, or has a favorite color, there are many amazing themes, flavors, colors, and decorations to choose from when designing a chocolate birthday cake.

This birthday cake for girls’ guide will provide inspiration and hidden ideas for popular and modern girl birthday cake themes, flavors, colors, and decorations trending this year. We have included creative ways to customize a cake design that your loved princess will never forget.


7 Wow Birthday Cake for Girls Themes:

Girls love princess designs and fun themes for their birthday cakes! Some of the most popular cake themes for girls’ birthdays include:

1.    Unicorn Birthday Cakes:

Unicorns remain one of the most popular birthday cakes for girls of different ages. Moreover, personalized Unicorn cakes often feature pastel colors, glitter, rainbows, and a sweet unicorn figurine on top.

2.    Mermaid Birthday Cakes:

Under-the-sea mermaid cakes are a premium selection for happy birthday cakes, with bright colors, shells, coral, and sea creatures, and topped with an edible mermaid tail made of fondant or modeling chocolate.

Mermaid Birthday Cake for Girls
A one tier cake with fondant coverage, in purple, pink, white, gold, and blue decorations that are inspired from the Mermaid theme.

3.    Princess/Castle Birthday Cakes:

For the birthday girl who dreams of wearing a crown, princess cakes with a tall tower, glittery accent, floral design, and bright pink frosting will be the perfect surprise for your girl.

Unicorn Birthday Cake for Girls
A cake and sweet set based on the unicorn theme, including a one tier fondant cake, donut tower, and cupcakes all in the same theme.
  • 4.    Rainbow Birthday Cakes:

    Vibrant rainbow cakes that come with a different color for each layer are fun and colorful. Rainbow sprinkles, clouds, and a rainbow topper complete the look.

    5.    Ballerina/Dance Birthday Cakes:

    Pink ballerina cakes with edible ballet shoes, pink tutus, bows, and glitter are ideal for the dancing princess. Pink and purple colors are popular in these chocolate birthday cakes for girls.

    6.    Animals Birthday Cakes:

    Cats, dogs, bears, pandas – girls love cutesy animal themes. Animal faces, ears, noses, and figurines like pandas make these cakes adorable.

    7.    Disney Characters Birthday Cakes:

    From Frozen to Moana, Tiana to Cinderella, Disney princesses, Barbie, and character cakes are always a hit with girls to celebrate their birthdays.

Disney princess and character cakes
A Disney princess donut tower.

Fun Birthday Cake for Girls Colors:

Girls’ and ladies’ birthday cakes can feature a fun design and vibrant color set that match the birthday girl’s personality and party theme. Some main colors for girls’ cake servings include:

  • Pink.
  • Purple.
  • Aqua.
  • Gold.
  • Golden Rose.
  • Rainbow/Multicolor.
  • Ombre.
  • White.


Queen Birthday Cake for Girls

A one layer cake with white fondant coverage, gold decoration touches, and golden crown topper.

Delight Birthday Cake for Girls Shapes:

Girls love creative and fun cake shapes for their birthdays. Here are some popular birthday cakes for girls’ shape ideas that you can order in one tier or many tiers:

  • Number or age shape: You can make this easy cake with the birthday number or age. This is a classic and light shape but still fun and exciting for the birthday girl.
  • Initials: Use custom piping and decorations to create the birthday girl’s initials or name on the cake. This adds a personalized pink touch that your daughter will love.
  • Doll or figurine: Choose her favorite doll, character, or figurine and recreate it in cake form. From Barbie to Elsa, she will adore seeing her favorite as a cake.
  • Mini cakes: Make a tower or arrangement of mini cupcakes, cake pops, or petit fours. This makes the cake part of the decor, providing built-in party favors she can share.

The shaping possibilities are endless. Please work with your baker to create a unique cake shape she will be thrilled to have as the centerpiece of her special day.


Top Birthday Cake for Girls Flavors:

Regarding birthday cake flavors for girls, you cannot go wrong with classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Some trending flavors that are sure to be a hit include:

  • Chocolate.
  • Vanilla.
  • Red velvet.
  • Confetti/Funfetti.
  • Strawberry.
  • Cookies and Cream.

Regarding birthday cake flavors, let the birthday girl’s preferences and interests guide you. The most meaningful cakes come in her favorite flavors.

At our cakery, we bring any flavor vision to life with artisan quality, delicious taste, and incredible touches at the finish!

Brand Birthday Cake for Girls
A one tier cake with light pink buttercream coverage, and edible brand bags in various colors

Fun Birthday Cake for Girls Decorations:

Decorations are vital for making a birthday cake special and fun for girls. Some popular decorating ideas include:

  • Sprinkles: These small candy pieces come in a rainbow of colors and make a fun topping for any birthday cake. Sprinkles can be scattered across the top or sides of the cake.
  • Frosting flowers: Make pretty roses, simple daisies, and other flowers out of frosting to decorate the top or sides of the cake. This makes for a very girly cake design for your little princess.
  • Fruit: Fresh berries like raspberries or strawberries make tasty and colorful decorations. Other fun fruits are kiwi slices, mandarin oranges, and pineapple flowers.
  • Candy decorations: Candy in all its forms can decorate an amazing girl’s cake. M&Ms, gumdrops, jellybeans, chocolate chips, and licorice are fun options.
  • Buttercream accents: Use buttercream frosting to serve awesome swirls, rosettes, or borders on the cake. Vivid colors look great.
  • Fondant cutouts: Cut fondant into stunning shapes like hearts, stars, flowers, or even the number of the birthday age. These cute decorations are adorned by kids.
Barbie Birthday Cake for Girls
A three tiers cake with light pink fondant coverage, and decorations in various pink shades and white, with Barbie topper.

Sophisticated Birthday Cake Ideas for Teen Girls

In the search to find the perfect birthday cake for teen girls, it is essential to select a design that mirrors their unique interests, personal style, and journey into adolescence. The right birthday cake can transform a celebration, making it deeply personal and incredibly memorable.

Here are some sophisticated birthday cake ideas for teen girls that cater to their evolving tastes and birthday themes:

  • Makeup-themed Themed Cake: An absolute favorite for your princess girl if she adores beauty and cosmetics. This cake, decorated with edible items like fondant lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and brushes, perfectly suits teen girls who have a flair for makeup and fashion. It is not just a cake, it is a tribute to their style.
  • Hijab-themed Cake: For teens embracing their cultural identity, a hijab-themed cake makes a powerful statement. Featuring elegant fondant figures with beautifully styled hijabs, this cake celebrates diversity and personal choice, making it a meaningful centerpiece for the birthday celebration.
Hijab Birthday Cake for Girls
A one-layer cake in white fondant coverage, girl in hijab illustration, and crescent topper.
  • Social Media Icon Cake: Reflecting the digital age, a cake inspired by social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat resonates with tech-savvy teen girls. These cakes not only look cool but also nod to how teen girls connect and express themselves online.
  • Book Lover’s Cake: For the girl who loses herself in books, a cake designed as her favorite novel or depicting a beloved fantasy world can spark joy. It is a way to honor your girl’s love for literature and the adventures found within the pages of her favorite stories.
  • Animal and Pet-themed Cakes:Tailored for animal lovers, these cakes can feature anything from a beloved pet to your girl’s favorite animal or mythical creature. It is a delightful way to capture her love for the natural world or the fantastical realms that inspire her imagination.
Deer-Themed Birthday Cake for Girls
A one-tier cake with white fondant coverage, deer illustration, and 3D floral design on the top.

Choosing a birthday cake for girls based on their hobbies, interests, or favorite things makes the celebration more personal and memorable for your girl. It is not just about the cake but about celebrating the individuality and spirit of the birthday girl, making her feel special and appreciated on her happy birthday.


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